Corneal Surgeries

Types of Corneal Surgeries

In many cases, infection or tumor can attack the eye and the surface of the cornea becomes non-smooth, which leads to deflect the light falling on it causing a blurred vision and causes a corneal failure. In cornea treatment, a new cornea can be transplanted in to the eye.

Cornea shanty Surgery

Cornea shanty surgery is performed for patients who suffer from Keratoconus; in some cases, a dome occur on the cornea that leads to the loss of transparency of the cornea, where a cornea shanty surgery is a must.

Deep Cornea Shanty Surgery

Deep cornea shanty surgery is a transplantation of the front layer of the cornea, the advantage of this type of corneal transplants is that it has better results and heals faster.

Deep Cornea shanty surgery is the only solution for the patients who suffer from corneal opacity.

Artificial Cornea Transplant

Artificial cornea transplantation surgery is performed for those who suffer from corneal lacerations or corneal opacity (corneal blindness), where it is usually a result of a congenital flaw or a result of accidents caused by chemical burns.

When the planting surgery of a real cornea fail, in other words, when the patient’s eye rejects the existence of a transplanted cornea movable from another patient; an artificial cornea is then transplanted in to the patient’s eye, where artificial corneas are not rejected by the human eye and they are the only solution for those people.

Keratoconus Surgery

There exist a lot of factors for the cornea transformation (dome shape to asymmetrical cone shape) including genetic factors and corneal tissue weakness.
There are many surgeries that can be performed on patients with keratoconus, such as transplant rings in the conical cornea, where the doctor determines the type of operation after the eye examination.

Corneal Cross Linking Surgery

This surgery is classified as one of the most safe eye surgeries. Corneal cross linking surgery is performed in case of keratoconus cases and in cases when the endothelium of the cornea is extremely thin, where ultraviolet and riboflavin are used in the surgery.
After the surgery, the patient will experience a little pain for several days, and some blurring for several weeks, then it vanishes.

Intacs Corneal Ring Implants

This surgery is considered as one of the keratoconus surgeries performed when some bump occur in the cornea and the cornea starts to have a convex shape, leading to a blurred vision.
There are many types of rings that are transplanted inside the eye, where the purpose of them is to increase the roundness of the eye that its cornea suffers from keratoconus as these rings are made of plastic material.


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