Vision Correction with Lasik PRK Surgery

What is LASIK PRK Surgery

Lasik surgery is a type of refractive surgery for vision correction (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism), where it’s considered as the first type of Laser surgery and the one right before the conventional Lasik surgeries such as iLasik.

LASIK PRK is based on reshaping the patient’s cornea with an excimer laser, where the main difference between LASIK PRK and conventional LASIK surgeries, is that in LASIK PRK the entire outer layer of the cornea is removed, and the recovery time is slower (several days).

A few days after performing LASIK PRK surgery, there exist a slight risk of having eye and a feeling of haziness.

The doctor is the only authorized person that decides which surgery (iLASIK or LASIK PRK) has to be performed on the patient, in order to correct the vision.

This surgery is also called changing the shape of the cornea; in some cases (after the diagnosis), the doctor does LASIK which is the corneal refractive optical truncated and remove a layer from the foreign cornea, then laser -which in turn destroys various types tissue with high accuracy- is used in this surgery in order to change the shape of the cornea.


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