Tear Ducts Surgeries

Tear Ducts Surgeries

The eye discharge tears to nose then to the throat through a small opening located in the corner of the eye called the tear ducts or nasolacrimal duct. When these ducts are blocked out in one or both eyes, the eye becomes moist and watery.

4% of births suffer from tear duct blockage, where the newborn baby’s eyelashes are moist and teary, and the eye cannot get rid of the tears, and the tears might flow on the cheeks or sticky eyelids can be experienced at the morning.

There exist many opening ways for opening blocked tear ducts, where the doctor determine which one is best for the patient like anastomosis tears bag to the nose.

In the first type of blocked tear ducts surgeries, the doctor opens a new channel through the bone to reach the nose in order to let the eye unload the tears.

The second type of blocked tear ducts surgeries is called the silicone tube, where in this surgery the doctor inserts a thin silicone tube into the tear channel, and leave it there for several weeks in order to prevent the tear bag from being blocked again.

The third type of blocked tear ducts surgeries is the most used one among the others, where the doctor inserts a probe into the eye opening to open the blockage, and then he inserts another one to make a connection with the first one and make sure that the tear bag channel is opened, then the doctor waters the channel by placing a tube and insert a brine through it and empty it through the opening.

Cataract Extraction

After certain age, vision ability starts to be weak, where eye lens’ begin gradually to be blurred and become unable to let the light in to the retina, the so is called cataract. There are several diseases that helps cataract occur, including:

- Diabetes

- Certain medications i.e. cortisone

- Exposure to x-rays or ultraviolet or infrared

- Genetic factors

- Hit on the eye or on the head

- In addition to some surgeries or infections.

Glaucoma Surgeries

Glaucoma is a result of high pressure in the eye, which damages the tissues of the optic nerve; if Glaucoma is not treated, the patient will lose vision, where the disease is considered as the main reason for blindness for the elderly.

Ahmed valve Implant

Ahmed valve implant is considered as one of the treatments for intractable eye pressure diseases, where it is named after Dr. Metin Ahmad, where the valve is set on the outer side of the eye and a tiny tube is implanted in order to allow the passage of liquid water from the inside of the eye to the outside and thus decrease the high eye pressure to its normal limits.


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