Stages of Hair Transplantation Surgery

What are the stages of hair transplantation surgery?

The process of hair transplant is done in several stages, where it is integrated and implemented by a medical team characterized with expertise and precision.

Our medical staff consists of specialists with experience for over than 12 years and are carrying out the stages of the process without any discomfort or pain to the patient, which gives all the comfort and ease services during the process, due to the length of the period of implementation where may take continuous work for up to 8 hours and on several stages and in different positions.

After the interview, planning and determine places of hair implantation, we take some pictures before entering the surgery.

Then we shave the hair and enter into the operating room to start the steps as follows:

First: after giving the patient local anesthesia we start the extraction of the follicular units from the donor areas by the FUE technique.

During this stage the patient has to lie down on the abdomen for about two hours depending on the number of the grafts we have to extract from the donor area.

Secondly, and after the extraction of the follicular units from donor areas, the patient must be injected with local anesthesia again, but in the implantation area, in order to start opening the channels of the new hair follicular units based on the number of grafts extracted in the previous phase depending on the density of hair desired by the patient.

Open hair channels, is the most important stages of hair transplantation, because it is the phase which gives the natural shape of the hair and determine its density after the results, so this stage should performed by the expert directly.

In EsteMega we are focusing perfectly on all stages and specially in stage of open hair`s channels because of the importance of this stage for determining the proportion of the success in hair transplant surgery.

The third and final stage is putting in hair follicles in the channels; this stage will be performed by a group of professionals where they transplant the follicular units one-by-one manually and the implementation time depends on the total number of grafts.

After that, they will clean and disinfect all areas of the operation and put the medical bandage on the donor area with some necessary creams to prevent any implications or infections in the skin.

During the surgery, the patient gets a rest and relaxation period and can take food and drinks; also the rest times could be divided into intervals according to the patient`s will in order to feel comfortable through the day without any effort or discomfort.

Management of EsteMega is always seeks to give the patient the best results with its VIP services during the operations in order to obtain the best impression from the all patients, where our motto ((we care)) is that we care for what makes the patient happy.

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hair transplant surgery in turkey stages and prosedure of hair transplant surgery

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