The Success Rate of Hair Transplantation Surgery

What is the success rate of hair transplantation surgery?

The success rate of the operation is based on a number of interrelated factors, including the ability of the donor area hair at the back of the head to give the number of follicles is sufficient to cover the baldness area and fit that area of baldness with the number of grafts that can be provided from areas behind the head, beard, and maybe from chest.

Another important factor that also determine the success rate of the process is the number of hairs present in one follicle, where some of the follicles contains a single hair and could be more hairs (up to five hairs), and this property differs among people.

These factors, even though affects the success rate of the operation, but does not negate the experience of medical staff is an important factor too, as the staff who possesses the sufficient experience can deal with follicular units and keep it healthy, because it is possible to extract these follicular units only one-time and no hair will grow in the regions which we derived from instead, so your treat your hair as trusted in our hands.

Perhaps the expectations of the patient to the shape of the hair and intensity after the results is the most important factor to determine his own satisfaction and consequently achieve the success of the process, because the process of hair transplant is considered as simple cosmetic surgery and patient`s happiness is the result, because he feels that he has regained his natural hair which is considered as a success.

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