Hair Transplantation Surgeries on Men

What are the hair transplantation performed on men?

Hair transplant operations in Turkey focus very heavily on men, because of significant difference in the proportion of baldness cases and hair-loss among men and women, where hair transplantation requires to shave the head before the operation.

Hair transplantation surgeries for men is divided in to hair transplant, beard transplant and mustache transplant and sometimes eyebrows are also transplanted for people who have had past injuries in the eyebrows area. Though these surgeries are different in names, but they are similar to each other in transplantation method.

The only big difference among them is in opening the channels in the scalp, due to the difference of hair appearance in each of those areas.

The phase of opening the channels is the most important phase in this surgery, where it requires effort ,care and extra concentration during beard and mustache transplant in order to give them the best natural appearance after the results, where the results will appear within 8 months of the surgery.

Hair transplantation for men depends on the patient’s desire to perform this treatment in the first place, and secondly, it depends on the status of hair at the donor area. In addition, the patient’s health state also plays an important role in hair transplantation, where the patient has to be free from any chronic disease or infectious, plus the absence of any health problems in the heart.

Finally, blood pressure and sugar level (patients with diabetes) should be under control and within the accepted range.

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